Snowy Logs at Steven’s Pass

There isn’t any snow here in Northwest Florida. In fact it’s raining pretty good and we’re going to be getting bands of thunderstorms tonight. That’s winter in this part of the world.


Thing is, I like snow, in small doses. When we were in Seattle a few years back we traveled up to Steven’s Pass. There’s a ski resort up there that wasn’t open yet because there wasn’t enough snow. There was some snow, though, and it was plenty cold. I’m sure a few weeks after this shot was taken there were skiers all over the place.


This is also a good example of how Shanon sees things that I just don’t. I never saw these logs, I mean I didn’t even know the existed until we got back to the room that night and I uploaded the pictures. She’s incredibly good at that which makes the contests we have to get the “best shot” that much harder. I’m gonna win one of these days!

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