Shots in a Cotton Field

So being photographers we’re always looking for new places to shoot. New backdrops and locations. So recently during a road trip through Southern Alabama we passed several cotton fields and Shanon says “wouldn’t it be cool to do a shoot in a cotton field?”. Why yes, yes it would.

A couple weeks later we get this note from a couple that says hey,can we do a photo shoot in a cotton field? Why yes, yes we can!

It was a pretty day and we hit the cotton field as the sun was racing south toward the horizon. Shooting fast as the light was changing constantly. Also, if you’ve never walked through a cotton field in bloom carrying a bunch of camera gear, well ya haven’t lived!

Justice - 25 Oct 2014-42

Justice - 25 Oct 2014-54



Justice - 25 October 2014 -101


Justice - 25 Oct 2014-70


Wonderful shoot with a great couple. Checked one off the bucket list and handed off some shots that they love. Yep, I think this is worth it.

Yvonne and Juan’s Wedding on Okaloosa Island

What a beautiful way to spend a Saturday. It was a long day to be sure but absolutely worth it. Yvonne and Juan are just a wonderful couple with an equally wonderful family. It’s always fascinating to watch these days come together. Plenty of stress to be sure but a bunch of laughs too. Throw in two people who are deeply in love and incredibly happy together and you get an amazing day.

Ring in Flowers Header Image

Kissing the Moms

Yvonne with Wispy Veil

Yvonne & Juan Wedding-11

Yvonne & Juan Wedding-10

Yvonne & Juan Wedding-13

It was such a cool day. Awesome families, lots of laughs and a great after party. Yeah, most of the time they’re called receptions, but this one was a blast.